The home of The Emotional
Assertiveness Model: Applied
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Assertiveness is the act of assertively expressing one’s authentic
emotions with the clear objective to strengthen & deepen relationships &
cooperation. As such, it is an essential building block of healthy families,
teams, and organisations.

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Services we provide

We train professional trainers, coaches and consultants, and certify them in the application of the model. The training is designed to enhance their performance by upskilling them in emotional assertiveness techniques.


Teams function optimally through effective cooperation and strong trust between team members. We train leaders and followers how to overcome negative conflict and build strong attachments based upon autonomy, for achieving high performance and personal well-being.

Professional Certification

We provide coaches and trainers with the knowledge and skills for managing emotions in their professional endeavours. We focus on providing a secure environment for the safe expression of emotions, in the context of group and one-on-one interactions..


Are you facing an emotionally challenging situation in your personal life or in your job?
We offer individual and group coaching. Choose a coach and initiate positive change in your relationships.

Are you in a position of leadership or influence? Or do you want to improve your communication skills personally and professionally?

If you answered “yes” to either of the above, then The Emotional Assertiveness Model is for you.

Improve communication & leadership skills for the win / win every time

Improve team & business performance with revolutionary emotional intelligence tools

Strengthen and deepen your relationships

Understand emotions and combine them with clear thinking

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“A few weeks back John asked if I’d like to participate in his Emotional Assertiveness webinar. I was blown away by John and his material. He has the ability to hold a safe space, facilitate a group with skill, and impart years of wisdom, using stories that really bring his subject to life He listens in a way that enables people to feel heard and valued and his time management is on point.
For me, a sense of humour is really important. I learn best when when I can laugh and I really appreciate that John takes his work seriously but not himself! After working with John I can honestly say he’s extraordinarily wonderful and if ’emotional assertiveness’ is your bag, you’d be a fool not to work with him!”

– Julie Mann, The Habit Fixer