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Arousal is energy

Have you ever experienced a rush of energy when you’re angry or stressed?


That’s arousal, including a rush of adrenalin, unleashing a powerful force that can be channelled for positive outcomes.


Unregulated anger can lead to explosive outbursts or even rage. Well-regulated we can use this energy to power problem solving and create win-win situations for everyone involved.


Here’s how to transform arousal into a problem-solving superpower:


🌬️🧘‍♂️Pause and Breathe

When you feel arousal building up, take a moment to breathe deeply. This helps calm your mind, focus your thinking and helps you control your behaviour.


🧐📝 Identify the Issue

Focus on the real problem, this is about the here and now. What needs to be addressed? Separate the issue from your emotions, especially paying attention to the live issue, avoiding dredging up the past.


🤝💬 Seek Cooperation

Invite others to work together with you on finding a solution. Collaboration often leads to better outcomes and stronger relationships. The win/win outcome is where the solution lies.


🗣️🛡️Stay Assertive, Not Aggressive

Express your thoughts and feelings clearly and respectfully. Emotional Assertiveness helps in conveying your needs without triggering defensiveness in self and inviting unproductive conflict from others.


🌍💞 Remember Aim for Win-Win

Look for solutions that benefit all parties. Workable-compromise and understanding pave the way for lasting resolutions.


By channelling your arousal into constructive action, you not only solve problems but also build trust and cooperation.


Use your arousal wisely, harness it to solve problems and not to explode!


Think about a challenge that stirred an arousal in you recently. How did you feel and how did you respond? Is there something you would do differently next time?


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