Corporate Consulting

The fuel for successful business is cooperation

The greatest asset of any organisation is their people. It is imperative to provide strategic investment into the development of employees, particularly those in positions of leadership and influence. People who communicate and form healthy relationships enhance morale which, in turn, leads to more effective teams and overall company productivity and profits!

The Emotional Assertiveness Model is the key to facilitating a healthy workplace environment where respect, boundaries, cooperation, and alignment form the foundation of the corporate ethos. This is achieved by creating a culture where bonding and teamwork are at the centre of theorganisations value system.

Through developing an Emotionally Assertive communication style, leaders’ model and support similar behaviours within their groups. This inevitably empowers employees to communicate effectively, appropriately manage conflicts, and contribute positively to the overall success of the organisation.

TEAM Emotion can help your team learn how to be in touch with what is most healthy in their emotional expressions and extinguish behaviours that lead to unproductive competitiveness and conflict with any of the following services:

Corporate training days

Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Team building

Executive coaching