Professional Certification

Would you like to elevate your coaching or training  to new heights?

Are you passionate about cultivating positive and respectful connections, whether in your personal or professional life?

Would you like to join a vibrant community and become a catalyst for spreading the transformative power that is Emotional Assertiveness?

You are invited to join TEAM Emotion and become a Certified Trainer or Coach in The Emotional Assertiveness Model.

Our four-part Certification programme has been crafted to build both your knowledge and skills in Emotional Assertiveness and expand your application of managing human behaviour in the context of oneself and others. Whilst other training programmes impart theoretical knowledge, our goal is that you understand the concepts and deepen your capacity to effectively apply them in real-life situations

The training provides participants with the necessary skills:

To acquire a working knowledge of the Emotional Assertiveness Model

To understand the mechanisms responsible for our emotional issues, failures and difficulties in relationships
To improve our ability to listen to our emotions, to understand them, to anticipate their impact on our lives and on our health and wellbeing
To deal with emotions in a healthy and authentic way
To improve our ability to build healthy, secure and meaningful bonds with others and improve our quality of life
To gain the four key qualities of emotional intelligence: Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self- Management and Relationship-Management

Each module is face-to-face and takes place over the course of 3 days. Seminars can be organised anywhere in the world.

Once completed, this programme enables you to:

Support the transformation of groups and communities to be functional, cooperative, respectful, and effective.
Earn an income by teaching emotional assertiveness within your own practice and holding your own trainer certification courses.

Become part of the TEAM Emotion community and gain access to trainer portal.

Get ongoing training, help and support, including building and marketing your own Emotional Assertiveness business.